Hi, I'm Sally M - a Somerset based photographer who studied professional photography with the London Photography Institute where my love of the visual world (especially nature and wildlife) developed and grew into my particular style of photography.

I am passionate about art in all its many forms with a personal interest in the Impressionist and Romantic periods. With my photographs I aim to gather impressions of moments as if the camera were my canvas and light my paints.

I occasionally run creative photography workshops & one to one photographic tutorials in Somerset.

I am also a photographic artist, a writer and I teach about living more consciously with Nature.

I offer various Creative & Mentoring services including Portrait Photography, unique to you Fantasy Photoshoots, as well as written work, graphics, greetings cards and artwork. I have written a great deal over the last 20 years or so, including novels, biographies, esoteric & children's books and so have significant publishing experience. During this time I have mentored several new writers.
A few snippets about me :
I am a voluntary photographer with The Woodland Trust.
I am mostly vegan having been vegetarian prior to that for 40 years.
I love Nature and animals of all kinds, and live an organic and natural lifestyle.
I meditate and contemplate quite a lot and run an International Online Mentoring Service teaching the Ways of Ancient Wisdom.

I have created a Community Wildlife Garden for the benefit of butterflies, bees and local wildlife.

I have just started growing a traditional fruit orchard with quince, cob nuts, plums, greengages, wild raspberries and crab-apples.

I am always up to something life affirming, whether it's making a body warmer for my dog or writing about wild foods, or taking care of the wildlife in my garden!

If you would like to connect with me on Facebook then please go to any of the following :

For Photography - https://www.facebook.com/stardustphotography.uk
For Rosie Dumpling, the All Natural Dog - http://www.rosiedumpling.wix.com/theallnaturaldog 
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